My Work

Always working with great ideas, my goal is to create interactive experiences with technology

I love the feeling of achievement of a milestone, and even more when there’s a challenge involved.

I enjoy working with experienced people and mentoring my team members as well.

Creating games, animations, web content, interactive activities, social apps, mobile experiments has been my everyday work and it’s really fun.

As you browse around my portfolio you'll find my passion for technology and creativity.

My Michel Adventure

Grupo Michel, a huge company, I learned a lot here and I had the chance to create some great projects

As part of an in-house Creative Multimedia Studio I had the opportunity to work as a Video Game Developer and Web Lead Programmer.

We created mobile games, interactive experiences, facebook apps and websites.

( 2012 - 2014 )

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My Trebox Corporation

A great experience

Working for this company was great, we worked really hard, built great projects and had great success stories.

I had the best experience working with projects like: character licensees with a technological background (BooMonsters, Club Oca) working as creative, UX UI designer, lead programmer, Team Leader.

We had the fortune to work with big clients like Peter Piper Pizza, Xtreme gel

( 2009 - 2012 )

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My University Highlights

I was always hungry to learn new exciting things, experimenting and creating

While studying my Bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering in Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara I had the chance to create several projects

Here are some of this school projects, which I´m really proud of, some of them created by myself, and others with my friends.

( 2004 - 2008 )

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Systems USA

I love the feeling of seeing my client satisfied with my work

( 2014 - 2014 )

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My Beginnings

My work history began here, with personal experiments, small projects, learning always by myself since I was a kid.

Playing around and having fun with flash 4, I grew up with actionscript creating animations, interactive experiments and some other projects that included sound, design, animation, interactivity, etc.

I worked as freelance building multimedia interactive cd´s, web pages, interactive postcards and so on since I was 14 years old.

( 1999 - 2005 )

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